Behind the Scenes at the Traverse City Econo Lodge

Welcome to Spring!  It’s been a long, cold winter and we hope the weather will follow the calendar and bring us spring soon.  We are going to use this opportunity to take you behind the scenes of the Traverse City Econo Lodge.  Econo Lodge is a franchise that falls under the Choice Hotels International umbrella.  Although, part of a franchise, we are a small, family owned and operated lodging facility.  We are also an older facility.  Taking these things into consideration, we have to carefully prioritize our upgrades to the property.  Over the last four years, we have performed a large number of upgrades and improvements to this Traverse City lodging location–some that are very noticeable to our guests and others that may go unnoticed but still have a huge impact on our guests’ experience.  All rooms have received new wallpaper and carpeting.  All rooms are now equipped with coffee makers, microwaves and mini refrigerators.  We have just recently finished upgrading all of our televisions to 32 inch flat screen TV’s.  A new roof went on the building in 2011 and we also hooked into the Blair Township water system at that time.  In the last year, we have installed new heaters for our pool and spa, and have replaced two water heaters.  As time permits, we have been putting in new tiles in our spa room bathrooms, a project we hope to complete in the next two months.  These are just a few of the projects we have tackled.

Choice Hotels randomly sends out Guest Insight Surveys to many of our guests.  We do read each and everyone of the surveys that are submitted and value the feedback from our guests.  If you receive one of these surveys after your stay at the Traverse City Econo Lodge, we urge you to complete it and to use the comments section to provide detailed feedback.  As a result of feedback from our guests, in addition to the one available in our lobby, we now have a microwave available in our breakfast room.  We have also rearranged our breakfast room in an attempt to better manage the traffic flow.   Just a couple weeks ago, we replaced the beds in 36% of our guest rooms, and it was comments from the Guest Insight Surveys which helped us prioritize which beds to replace!  So yes, the feedback from our guests counts!!

We are currently awaiting the arrival of the new bedding for our king rooms as we phase in Choice’s new bedding program for Econo Lodge.  

The Traverse City Econo Lodge prides itself on providing our guests with a clean, comfortable room at an affordable rate with a friendly staff to serve you.  We invite you to check out our ongoing upgrades and improvements by making us your Traverse City lodging choice.  Call (231) 943-3040 for reservations.


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