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Snowmobilers–come on up!







The Traverse City Econo Lodge loves snowmobilers and the Traverse City area has plenty of snow this winter.  The Grand Traverse Area Snowmobile Council grooms 200 miles of trails that are waiting to be explored.  The Traverse City Econo Lodge offers snowmobilers with an affordable lodging option and we have ample parking for your trucks and trailers.  Either ride from our parking lot, down Beitner Road to Hoosier Valley Road or trailer your sleds to the staging area at the nearby Northwest Michigan Fairgrounds.  Then after a hard time of riding, come on back and relax in our newly painted indoor pool and hot tub. What a little more privacy for your relaxing time?  Then just reserved one of our spa tub rooms.  Use our free wifi to check out trail and weather conditions.  And in the morning, wake up to our complimentary continental breakfast which includes: waffles, danishes, bagels,  toast, cold cereal, instant oatmeal, coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate and milk.  All of our rooms are now equipped with refrigerators and microwaves, and we just completed the installation of new 32 inch flat screen TV’s in all of our rooms.  Call (231) 943-3040 for reservations.

Maverick says “Bring the Dog” — we’re Pet Friendly

Dogs accepted


Hi. My name is Maverick.  Mom had to step away from the computer so I’m going to take over and woof to all my fellow canines.  I let Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa think that they’re in charge, but everyone else knows that I’m the top dog around here, and I bet you are at your house too.  And I say to you dogs, to bring your people to the Traverse City EconoLodge where we provide pet friendly lodging and people lodging too!  We’re family owned and operated and we want you to bring your family too for a great, affordable Traverse City lodging option.  I’m going to give you a couple quick tips to make the stay more enjoyable for everyone.

1.  It  is a really good idea to have your people call and make reservations in advance to make sure that dog family rooms are available.  We  have a few rooms specially designated for you. They are on the ground floor, near exits so it will be easier for you to walk your people.  And you know that they really don’t want to go upstairs.  But, if our pet friendly rooms are gone and you are willing to vouch for your people, we can make make more rooms available.

2.  If your family forgets to make reservations, make sure they tell the front desk they are with you when you check in.  We do have a small extra fee and it is really important that the staff knows which rooms we are all in.  For your safety, the housekeepers won’t go into your room while you are in it.  We wouldn’t want you to get loose and we don’t want to expose you to the cleaning supplies. Also, if the front desk knows you are checking in, you’ll get treats and I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a treat I didn’t like.

3.  Ask your people to let the staff know if clean up supplies are not available when you are outside. Oh, and if the weather isn’t very good, ask for paw and fur rags.

4.  When your family leaves, make sure to go with them so they can find their way back.  But, if you decide you really need a break from them, ask them to leave a telephone number with the front desk in case you need to contact them.  We all expect an occasional yelp or two, but if you need to keep “calling” the front desk, other guests may get a little cranky so it is a good idea if the front desk can call your family for you.

5.  Let your people know that you really don’t want to go into the breakfast room or pool area.  You’ll get stepped on in the breakfast room and the pool area is too hot for fur coats. 

Any questions?  Just call and ask for Maverick.  Traverse City Econo Lodge, affordable, pet friendly, lodging.   Gotta go–Mom’s coming back and she’ll probably want to use her computer.


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